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FFL Transfers

Cost: $35

MFS can only transfer firearms that are compliant will all Mass laws and regulations.  Determining what firearms are Mass compliant is very difficult. If you want to have a firearm shipped to us you must follow these steps:


  1. Verify the firearm complies with the Mass Assault Weapons Ban. To see a list of the various features which constitute an “assault weapon”, please visit the Gun Owner’s Action League website here:
  2. If the firearm is a handgun verify the model is found listed on the “Approved Weapons Roster” (make sure the exact model is listed... understand that even if the firearm is listed on the “Approved Weapons Roster” it does not mean that the firearm is Mass compliant):
  3. Email us to request permission before you have the firearm shipped to us ( Do not ship the firearm until you get an email response from us authorizing you to ship the firearm.  


If you have a firearm shipped to us that is not Mass compliant you are responsible to pay a shipping and handling fee to have it shipped back.  Firearms not picked up within 30 days may be subject to daily storage fees.  Non Mass compliant firearms left in our inventory for 60 days will become the property of MFS.  

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(Formerly located in Framingham)

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